Leveraging on my education at IIM Ahmedabad coupled with years of experience in the Banking Business Unit and other units of Infosys, Neti Consultants was set up by me, Srinivas Shastri, in 2004, offering Rapid Application Development for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) that want quality work done quickly.

Projects Completed Recently

thumbnailExecutive Search application

Our first project was the development of Maars Career Management System (MCMS), an Executive Search application for MaarsIndia, which uses the Blue Ocean Strategy of How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant.

MCMS helped MaarsIndia achieve this in no small measure.  Some of the features of MCMS are:

  • Mail merge of canned email message templates with user data for various business events to generate email messages in a jiffy. This has improved productivity and quality immensely. More at Fortune favors the prepared MInd.
  • Facility for users to go offline at the end of the day and synchronize their offline work with the online database the next day.
  • Very fast Candidate Search implemented using Summary tables, which are created using Data Warehousing concepts.
  • Identifying location and corresponding time-zone from the candidate's contact numbers. This has helped users in planning their interaction with candidates abroad much better. More at Tell me your mobile number, I'll tell you the time on it.
  • Deep integration with Microsoft Outlook:
    • Details of candidates and customer contacts can be exported to Outlook with a single click.
    • Open business events can be exported to Outlook as appointments. When the events are closed, their corresponding appointments are automatically deleted in Outlook.
  • Managing database changes through Jet Database Documentor (written in-house) and Visual SourceSafe.

We also gave Maars India the tech-edge by doing the following:

Resident Info Management System (RIMS) for a gated complex

This application was developed for the gated complex, Palm Meadows, where I reside in Bangalore. It captures the details of the:

  • 550+ villas
  • Their owners
  • Their residents (owners/tenants) and their dependents & vehicles
  • Realtors and the villas they handle
  • The domestic help.

An extensive query system helps users to quickly home in on to the item of interest. The application is also integrated with:

  • The Google Group used by the gated complex
  • WikiMapia for avenue and villa location.